The Buccleuch name is steeped
Profiles/ Stephen Vickers, Buccleuch Estates Ltd

Stephen Vickers, Buccleuch Estates Ltd


The Buccleuch name is steeped in tradition and heritage, yet its Estates far exceed those of a traditional rural enterprise.

At present Buccleuch lets 118 farms, 400 houses and 201 commercial sites, creating a significant social and economic impact on the rural economy. Supporting the rural community underpins all activity at Buccleuch, with diverse projects running across all of the Estates. Currently Buccleuch is working with education bodies to provide funding and advice for local schools, partnering Scottish Natural Heritage on the Langholm Moor Project, developing affordable housing and helping to expand regional tourism appeal with over 90,000 visitors to the Estates in 2010.

There are currently nine key business areas within Buccleuch’s rural division:
  • Property
  • Visitor Services
  • Farming
  • Building Services
  • Buccleuch Rural Solutions
  • Sporting
  • Woodlands
  • Buccleuch Rural Design
  • Buccleuch BioEnergy


Our newest company, Buccleuch BioEnergy, is championing the use of biomass as a renewable energy source. Increased Biomass production brings with it environmental and social benefits, by encouraging woodland management and bringing neglected woodlands back into production Buccleuch is increasing woodland biodiversity and developing long term rural employment.


Over 1800ha is managed with recreation as a major objective; from long-distance bridleways and international standard mountain bike trails, to all ability walking routes and adventure playgrounds.


Buccleuch Estates is committed to offering opportunities to those looking to enter farming. In the last year three farms have been let to new entrants with the promise of more openings in the future for those looking for a start in farming.

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