About Scottish Land & Estates

About us

Scottish Land & Estates has evolved from what was the Scottish Rural Property and Business Association and before that the Scottish Landowners’ Federation, which was originally founded in 1906.

Scottish Land & Estates strives to demonstrate, promote and represent the very good work and contribution our members make on farms, landholdings and estates across Scotland -- to both the communities to which they belong and also to the wider economy and society.

The benefits they provide include:

  • Food in the shape of crops and livestock;
  • Employment and affordable housing in rural areas;
  • Tourism, recreation and health opportunities;
  • Wood and fibre products from timber production;
  • Caring for landscapes, habitats and wildlife;
  • Investing in and maintain the rural built heritage of Scotland;
  • Providing business premises and infrastructure for small rural businesses;
  • Contributing to efforts to combating climate change;
  • Developing renewable energy.

Our vision:

  • Vibrant rural communities;
  • Thriving rural businesses;
  • Countryside that is cared for and can be enjoyed by all;
  • A prosperous and sustainable agriculture industry;
  • A progressive and profitable forestry sector;
  • Viable and responsibly managed field sport enterprises;
  • Quality affordable rural housing;
  • Sustainable use of natural resources;
  • Positive management safeguarding natural heritage;
  • Minimal red tape and bureaucracy;
  • Mutually responsible public access to private land.

Our objectives:

  • To demonstrate the wider benefits of our members’ activities to the public, government and media;
  • To bring together those whose homes, interests and businesses are found within our countryside and rural settlements;
  • To promote rural enterprise and rural development in Scotland;
  • To work with government and other organisations, to achieve mutual objectives;
  • To represent our members' interests at the highest level, in an influential, proactive, professional, responsive and efficient manner;
  • To contribute to the formulation of rural policy and to demonstrate a new approach to enhancing the political, social and economic climate within our sphere of influence.

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